A gift for myself

I smiled as the man at the post office handed over my plain, brown-wrapped package. Judging by his forced ‘customer service’ smile counteracted by the cheeky glint in his eyes, I could tell he must have had some idea as to what it contained. 


Back home, in the soft lamp light of my bedroom, I tore it open, laughing again at the name. Who on earth would call a sex toy after a pet? Nonetheless, the reviews online had been sparkling, and I deserved a … tool to enhance my sex life, now that it was a dance for one. 

The toy was slightly smaller than expected, compact and efficient looking in my hand. My door was locked and the curtains pulled; the gentle light and erotic beat of my ‘made for sex’ playlist turned my room into a sensual, private sanctuary, crackling with sexuality.

After undressing I sat on the edge of the bed, gazing at my naked body. My first temptation had been to slip beneath the covers and take the toy through its paces immediately, but the energy of my bedroom – all dimmed light, incense and erotic music – inspired me to take thing slowly; to languish in the heady moment. 

I let my dark hair free and ran my fingers through it, pulling it around to frame my breasts. My breath slowed and I focused my attention to the sensations of my body, casting my eyes across my naked body reflected in the mirror, as a partner would. Pupils dilated; lips parted. The smooth, pale skin of my neck pulsing as I swallowed in anticipation. Firm breasts pushing outwards, with the gentle curve of their underside catching the shadow of the lamp. Nipples pointed, surrounded by perfectly pink skin. 

I’d been holding my knees together protecting the mystery between them. As my gaze travelled down my body I leaned back, stomach muscles rippling beneath velvet skin, and parted my legs – just slightly. My pussy lips were swollen with the mysterious yet familiar body unfurling in front of me, inviting me to look upon myself as if I were a lover, instead of just a reflection in the mirror. I placed my right hand just below my breast and caressed my body slowly, dragging it down the side of my waist, over my hip, to my right knee, where I pushed my legs wider still. 

I’d never spent a lot of time looking at my body in a sexual sense, and the sight was alluring, inviting. My skin tingled as I brought my hand up to my right breast, this time pausing to cup it gently before pinching my nipple between thumb and forefinger. An electricity ran straight from my nipple to my groin as I did this, so I brought my left hand up to grasp the other nipple, opening my legs quite wide and leaning forward to watch as I played with my tender breasts. 

I slowed my breathing again, my full attention on the delicious feelings arcing from my chest to my pussy. Legs splayed I watched the wanton woman in the mirror as her eyes hungrily devoured the scene in front of her. 

Moving forward I rested the edge of my ass on the bed, countering my weight with my wide-apart feet. I bent forward and ran my fingertips from my ankles, up my calves to my warm thighs, my touch light and tender, not breaking eye contact with myself. I was caught in an erotic dance, transfixed by the confident and delicious figure in front of me. Every touch on her body sent sparks through mine. 

I skimmed my fingers closer to my pussy and made wide lazy circles on the sensitive skin of my inner thigh. Each time getting nearer but not quite touching. The sensation was incredible, a heat that I didn’t know I had within me building with an incredible ferocity. The first brush against my heated pussy lips was almost overwhelming and I paused, wanting to draw out the experience for as long as possible. Gently I pulled apart my lips, exposing myself to the woman in the mirror. Smooth glistening pink skin presented itself, begging to be touched. I managed to restrain myself from stroking it, instead running both fingers gently along the outer folds which had settled to cover my secret once again. 

My hands ran up over my stomach and pinched my nipples once more, harder this time, and I gasped. I couldn’t deny myself, or the vixen in the mirror, the excitement of my new toy any longer.

I stood, turned slightly and admired the figure in front of me from a different angle. Chocolate hair falling down the arch of my back. A smooth ass, lifting and tightening as I stood on my tiptoes. Bending at the waist, I watched as my ass came better in to view, my ankles crossing to provide a luscious inverse teardrop shape. I reached across for my new toy, placed it within arms reach on the edge of the bed and turned to face the mirror again, standing this time. 

With my fingernails I traced little swirls across the base of my breasts, my stomach, my sides. The goddess in the mirror repeated my actions, her beautiful curves presented to me fully in the reflection. My nerves crackled with desire and I sat again, opening my legs fully.

Preparing myself for my new toy, I touched a finger gently against my pussy to find it wet and ready. I brushed the fluid around the edge of my lips and gently pushed the curved toy into me. The smooth, cool silicon skin felt incredible as it entered me and I kept the pressure up until it filled me completely, pressing firmly against my g-spot, and the other end curled around to press against my clit, now almost unbearably sensitive with desire. 

Not wanting to rush things, I held the remote in one hand and set it so it vibrated alternatively between my clit and my g-spot. As the vibrations slowly switched from one end to the other it felt as if the toy was rocking inside me, hitting every nerve ending on the way. 

My hips moved involuntarily on the edge of the bed and the wild woman facing me repeated these actions. 

I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, and the eyes of the hungry woman facing me echoed the sentiment. I reached down and carefully attached the suction cap to my clit. Even without the vibrations specifically against it my body was wracked by the contact. I gasped, knowing I couldn’t hold out any longer.

Barely managing to keep myself together I clasped the remote and turned both the clit suction and the vibrations on full. My head flicked back as my body clenched around my new toy. The woman reflected opposite me bucked and writhed with me as the first wave of orgasm hit. 

For as long as I could I maintained eye contact with the vixen in my mirror, her darkened pupils my only anchor as I fell apart with the most exquisite orgasm I’d ever felt. My hips slipped from the bed as I fell backwards, shrieking, and I craned my neck to watch as we came together. 


I must have laid on the bed twitching in post-orgasmic bliss for at least five minutes before I had the strength to lift my head, first seeing the sex-soaked toy on the carpet in front of me – it must have been ejected from my body during the soul-shredding orgasm – then casting eyes on the flushed, dishevelled but ultimately satisfied brunette that looked back from my mirror. 

She winked and smiled at me – pleased – then fell backwards onto the bed.


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