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  1. "Image has been approved" message continues to linger after profile image has been updated.
  2. KDP link is wrong on the Amazon social icon, so you can't presently share your Amazon page

    Update - you can post your amazon links but need to use the .com TLD (top level domain) we know some people like to share localised amazon pages, such as .co.uk or .co.nz. This isn't currently possible but will be corrected in future. For now we suggest copying your .com link and author ID - for example: https://www.amazon.com/Judy-XXXX/e/B01A91XXXX. This will link a visitor to your author page. You don't need to include Amazons tracking metrics (?ref=XYZ) 

    You can't link to kdp.amazon.com/NAME/ORGID/USERID but this doesn't have a big impact on people finding you.

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