At the Picnic

And at the picnic, as if in a dream, when one of the strangers asked Johann if she would strip for them, and he nodded; “Of course she will, Vitaly”, and looked at her, his face mild, expectant - she had simply complied, neither lewd nor overly timid, unable to imagine what else she could do.

It was the first time she had ever had two cocks in her at once - front and rear - on her back, knees held wide by the one under her while the upper one ploughed her slowly and deeply, ramming himself home so that she uttered soft cries as her breasts jounce freely, the tears rolling softly down her cheeks.

She came for them, though, helplessly, her despair loud and clear in her cries.

She was embarrassed afterwards, blushing, giggling as they had her show herself, manipulating her.

It was better though - better than before, when she had not known how it would be. Everything is clear now - all of them will fuck her and have her serve them, just as they like, for the rest of the weekend.

It’s terrible - impossible - but it’s happening. The man she is serving drinks to has just pushed three fingers into her sex and is grinding her clit with his thumb - and she’s giggling ridiculously as the others laugh at her, tears coming, but also, that urgency growing again in her belly…

She closes her eyes and opens herself for him, leaning back onto whoever it is behind her who has grasped both her wrists in one meaty hand, mauling her breasts with the other.


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