Membership Benefits

You don’t need a membership to read all of the content on Illicitjournal. Author membership is also free.

Unlike other erotica and adult literature sites, Illicitjournal respects its authors and content creators. You are not here to write content for us for free so that we can profit, you’re here to promote your own ebooks, online brands, authoring services and creative outlets through your own writing and samples. The more you write and publish, the more site features you unlock and the easier it is for you to promote your own work and brand. Serious writers and authors will aim for Elite Author status to really drive results for themselves. There are three levels of author on Illicitjournal, as well as Editor and Moderator roles.

  • Becoming a Published Author

    After you publish your first story you become an Illicitjournal Published Author.

    As a Published Author you:

    • - Get a badge
    • - Get access to exclusive blog content
    • - Can read the Forums
    • - Can share your Twitter handle on your profile
  • Becoming an Established Author

    Once you’ve had 10 stories published you get upgraded to an Established Author.

    As an Established Author you:

    • - Get a badge and an improved profile
    • - Can access the site forums and can collaborate with other writers
    • - Share your Patreon, Fiverr, Amazon, etsy and Smashwords links on your profile
    • - Become eligible for Moderator promotion
    • - Become eligible for category and front-page promotion
    • - Gain new editing features
  • Becoming an Elite Author

    Once you’ve published 25 stories you get upgraded to an Elite Author.

    As an Elite Author you:

    • - Get a badge and an Elite level profile
    • - Get access to all of the previous site benefits
    • - Can bypass moderation and publish your work immediately
    • - Can publish a custom URL on your profile
    • - Are guaranteed category and or front-page promotion on the site
    • - Become eligible for Editor promotion
    • - Are invited to early access and testing of new site features as they’re added

Stop giving away your work and time for free on other sites, sign up today and start working towards that Elite Status.