How to set up your Illicitjournal Profile

Setting up your author profile is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Your profile helps you promote and share your work as well as other networks like Twitter or your Amazon library.

To get started, click the Author Settings Tab on your profile page

Our Author profile is divided into three sections - Account Settings, Personal Info and Social Media pages

Account Settings

On the account settings tab you can change your password and email address. You can also enable your personal contact form. Turning this on will allow other authors to contact you directly to the email address you use on the site. With this enabled, other authors will be able to reach out to you directly. Please be aware that Illicitjournal has no control over who will be able to access the form, so you could potentially get unwanted email. A better alternative is to set up a Twitter account and use that as a way to let people contact you directly.

Personal Info

The personal info section is where you can fill out details about yourself and upload a picture for your profile. 

Author Name

Your “Author Name” is a name that will be used across the whole site. It is different from your username. Your username is used to log in to your account, but your Author Name appears on any stories you publish, as well as your Author Profile page. You can choose anything you like here - your real name, username or a nom-de-plume. 


  • If you’re trying to build a personal brand online it generally pays to use the same name across multiple websites
  • Be aware that your author name is public and searchable on the Internet. If you use your real name, people may be able to identify you in the real world including at times when you don’t want them to - for example job interview references or background checks.
  • You can change the name later if you want a new one

Short Bio

Your bio is a great way to introduce yourself and provide a bit of information about your writing style, favorite subjects or anecdotes. Since this section is accessible by the public we recommend that you don’t include website URLs, email addresses or phone numbers.


A picture will add some nice color to your profile and can be a fun way to express yourself. Pictures aren’t public until they are approved by Illicitjournal and approval may take 1-2 days in some cases. Like with your author name and bio, this information is public so consider the type of images you share. Optimal image dimensions are between 250 px by 250 px.

Note also, even though Illciitjournal is an adult website that contains adult content there is a standard of quality expected across the site. Pictures of graphic sex acts or genitals aren’t aligned with the sites brand values and will not be approved, additionally, the following probably also won’t pass the standards review:

  • Pictures of children
  • Pictures of violence, oppression or racism
  • Pictures of celebrities, logo’s, brands or copyright material (for example Mickey Mouse)
  • Animated gifs


Acceptable Examples
Profile example 1 Profile example 2 Profile example 3

Not acceptable Examples
Profile 4 example Profile 5 example Profile 6 example

Social Media Pages

An important part of the Illicitjournal brand is promoting the writing and art of the site's members. To enable this an author can publish personalised links to their other social media platforms which appear as icons on their public profiles (for example Twitter and Amazon). 

Presently the site allows for Twitter, Etsy, Amazon, Smashwords, Fiverr and Patreon. To add these links, copy the URL of the profile that you want to link to and paste it into the respective field. (The shortcut for copy and paste is typically Ctrl or Command key + C, Ctrl or Command key + V)

When pasting the link, you must use the full url (including the https://) and your link must conform to the appropriate format. For example

Note - you cannot paste links to other sites, for example facebook or instagram - these won’t work and you will get an error message. 

Additional links may be added in the future so check back occasionally. 

You can learn more about these services here.

Once you’ve updated your profile imply click the Save button at the bottom of the page, to share it simply copy the URL (for example and paste it wherever you like.