How to publish on Illicitjournal

Illicitjournal is easy to publish on. The site uses a simple editor tool that lets you publish new stories from a single page but if you need support you can contact Illicitjournal here or on the Illicitjournal Twitter channel.

If you’re new to writing, then the first thing you need to do is get yourself something to write with. 

If you want to you can just write a story directly in Illicitjournal’s editor - it will work on PC, Tablet and even mobile devices but there will be more functions for you in a specialised program. Most computers and many mobile devices have text editors that have a lot of features and functions that will help you - The best options are Microsoft Word or more commonly Office 365. 

Office365 is an online version of Microsoft Word which runs in your web browser. It will be the most familiar editing experience for most people and is the gold standard for word-processing and editing documents. Office365 comes as a subscription and is continually adding new features, without needing to upgrade every time a a new version comes out like was necessary with the old version of Microsoft Word. 

As part of an Office365 subscription you also get Excel, Powerpoint and some other apps.

Alternatively you can use Google Docs which isn’t as good as Office365 but is free and just requires registration. 

The benefits of these programs is that they have functions like  spell checking and thesaurus functions, and you can save your work as you go instead of putting it into Draft. For Office 365 and Google Docs your work is saved online automatically and almost impossible to lose, but the Iliicitjournal editor offers this function as well. You can also share it and grant others access to it if you want which is on the horizon for Illicitjournal.

How to get a free Google Drive account

If you have a email address you probably already have a Google Drive and don’t realise it - just try this link

If that didn’t work, set up a google account then navigate to

Here is a helpful video for creating documents on Google Drive

Video Url

Uploading your story to Illicitjournal

Once you’ve written your story you can upload it to Illicitjournal. 

Simply log into your Author area and click the create a new story button. Illicitjournals story editor is easy to use and you can create a new story in just a few clicks. 

Create New Story

First, choose a category. These are fairly self explanatory. You can only choose one and their purpose is to help make your story searchable to the right audience. 

Header Image

To make your story look great you need to select a header image for it. Illicitjournal solves this problem for you with a gallery of selectable images. Authors can’t upload their own images but there are hundreds of choices for you from the image gallery. You can scroll or search by keyword. You can also view the complete gallery here at any time to see all the current options.

Illiitjournal Story Gallery

A Tag is a keyword that helps your readers find your work. It’s similar to a category, but more specific. A category lists all of the stories under that subject. Illicitjournal lets a reader click a tag and see all of the stories (in any category) with that tag. Readers can see either the 30 most popular tags on the homepage or they can see all the tags on the Tags page.

Select the most appropriate Tags for your story by simply clicking on them. Choose carefully though, there is an 8 tag limit to make tags more useful to readers, so make sure you choose the right options.


Next you need a Summary. This is limited to 200 characters. Its purpose is to help draw your reader in, so feel free to get creative, but be careful not to over do it - there is a limited word count here to help keep it concise.  This also helps for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and sharing on Twitter, Reddit or other sites as it usually appears in a search or link. 


Now it’s time to add your story. This guide assumes you’ve written it in Google Docs and are using the Google Chrome browser but regardless what you are using the act is the same - copy your story and paste it into the Story box. 

Pro tip, use Ctrl+Shift+V keys to keep your paragraph formatting. Once you paste the story if you’ve used italicize or Bold formatting to emphasise some parts of the writing you might need to re-do these using the Illicitjournal editor.

The last option is to choose if you want to enable comments. Enabling comments lets readers anonymously post comments on your work and provide feedback - if you don’t want this, disable comments by checking the button. 

Finally it's time to publish, If you’re not quite ready to publish, you can save the work as Draft and come back to it later. Only you can see a story in Draft and it will appear in your draft stories list on your author page until you choose to publish. 

If you're ready to share your work, select the option to submit for publishing - your story will be approved by the admin team shortly.

  • It may take a few hours for the site search to index your story and for it to appear in search results.
  • Once its published you can share your story directly to sites like Twitter, Reddit or email by copying the story's URL
  • If you make changes to your story (even a single grammar change) it will need to be reviewed again, so be thorough with your review before submitting 

Congratulations, you’ve now published your work on Illicitjournal - thanks for contributing to the growing collection of great adult literature on the site :)