How to make money on Illicitjournal

If you’ve ever wondered about turning your writing into a profitable opportunity, there are several ways you can do that here on Illicitjournal. The site is made for authors to promote your work through your profiles and the sites promotional tools. 

When it comes to making money, one of the most popular methods is still self publishing on popular platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. Some authors are making hundreds of dollars a week in eBook sales and it gets much easier to publish once you’ve released your first book and start building a reputation. 

Setting out to write a whole book is a daunting task for a lot of people though and there are plenty of other ways like: 

Patreon Icon LogoPatreon or subscription content services

By writing on illicitjournal you’re welcome (encouraged even) to also set up accounts on platforms like Patreon or Subscribestar to offer exclusive content. 

Patreon is a platform that lets you publish your work privately for subscribers (called Contributors on Patreon). Your Contributors pay a monthly subscription that you define and in return you give them early access to your writing, interactions or exclusive content. You can also use Patreon to communicate with your readership and learn what your readers would like to see next. 

As your reader base grows and with support from Illicitjournal you can accrue private readership who will subscribe to your Patreon or Subscribestar account. Of course, to successfully grow your subscribers you need to also build up your Illicitjournal profile by publishing stories so people can get a feeling for your writing style and themes. The more you publish on Illicitjournal, the more opportunity you’ll have to accrue contributors to Patreon.

Typically an author will post content on Patreon first, then move it to Illicitjournal after a couple of weeks.

Fiverr logo icon Become an editor

Good writers are frequently asked to review and edit by other authors and it's not unreasonable to be reimbursed for your time and efforts. SItes like are a great place to handle escrow payments and to advertise your services. 

A lot of people are put off by the complexity and potential risk of transacting online, but sites like Fiverr make it easy to connect up to and transact safely with people that are looking for expert editors. Fiverr takes care of all the money handling and deducts a small administrative fee (usually a capped percentage of the total). T get started all you need is an account on Fiverr

etsy logo icon Make something

Writing is a craft and an artform and many writers are also artists in other mediums. Perhaps you’d like to make and sell specially bound books, erotic artwork, sensual toys or exotic jewelery? Sites like Etsy take all the hard work out of setting up an online store and inventory ordering management system and instead let you just focus on your craft. You’ll need to invest a bit of effort in setting up your etsy store but the return on investment can be quite high.

twitter logo icon Become an influencer

You may have heard of the term influencer before; essentially this is someone who has a lot of followers on a platform like Instagram or Twitter. As writers we have less to contribute to the image based instagram, but twitter can be a very valuable resource for writers. A good way to start building followers is to share your work on Twitter. Once you have a large following, brands and companies may approach you to promote their products or services to your network - in return for payment.

Your Illicitjournal profile is the first place to get started. On Illicitjournal, a writer's profile can be linked directly to their Twitter, Patreon, Fiverr, Amazon Author page or etsy store and stories can be shared either by sharing tools or by simply copying and pasting the story link in the address bar.

Example author profile

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