The Wicked Idea

Joel had spent the entire week looking forward to his girlfriend Bonnie’s visit. Time crawled as he waited to lay eyes on her long black locks again, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him. Suffice it to say, the long-distance life didn’t suit them. They talked often enough, and they were definitely flirty and dirty with each other—smartphones were wonderful like that—but as the weeks had crawled into months, the lack of the real thing was as palpable as it was frustrating.

This had been far more difficult than Joel had originally thought.

More than anything, Joel couldn’t wait to savor Bonnie’s mammoth breasts and slide himself as deep into her as he could go. He wanted to once again feel the way her tight pussy lips wrapped around his length—no matter how many times he felt it, it still took his breath away. Frankly, as vivid as the memory was, he still needed the reminder. Joel and Bonnie had been dating for roughly three months, and though he’d lost count of how many times they’d fucked, every time felt better than the last.

If there was a sex lottery, Joel felt like he had hit it.

Joel was roughly six feet tall, and while “thin as a rail” wasn’t quite right, he was still on the slender side. He had a thin face that wore a brown goatee to match his short hair, and he wore rectangular, black-framed glasses. One of the things he loved about Bonnie, aside from the obvious, was the fact that she was as tall as him, if not an inch or two taller. He loved the hair that came to about the middle of her back, he loved her firm 38DD breasts and wide hips and considerable ass.

A lot of people would consider Bonnie fat, and maybe by some textbook medical definition (o the extent that such things could be trusted) she was. But she was literally big in all the right places, and her attitude when it came to sex? Such openness would be brazen on most other people, but not her. Joel had never been with anyone like her, and every time he undressed her, it was like unwrapping the world’s greatest, wettest Christmas present.

Bonnie had moved away a while ago, deciding to return to school before getting into the massage therapy business. Joel had supported the move, because what use was being with her if he didn’t want her to be happy? But he had understood that distance would likely become a factor for at least the next year and a half. Together, they had figured if they could make it through that time apart, their relationship would have a really solid foundation.

As Joel stood outside his friend Rick’s apartment—he had met Bonnie through Rick the previous Halloween—waiting for her, he could think of nothing more than her naked body. It was one thing seeing it on his phone, which he often did. Few things in life thrilled Joel more than waking up each morning to the sight of Bonnie’s perfect tits on his phone. Only the real thing would’ve been better, but Joel’s daily nude wound up being more effective than even the strongest coffee.

But in-person…there was nothing like it. The way Bonnie looked sprawled out on his bed naked, her pale skin smooth to the touch. Joel envisioned the angel wings tattooed across her upper back and the silver ring he’d given her draping from a pendant around her neck.

The last time they had seen each other, Bonnie had worn a dark gray dress that stopped at mid-thigh, but she had “forgotten” to wear panties. Joel had been so turned on that he threw her to the bed, hiked up her dress and immediately went to devouring her sweet core. Bonnie hadn’t cared for being eaten out before she met Joel, but his tongue never failed to get her screaming.

She had even squirted on his face once. Not quite a gushing firehose, but a good soaking anyway.

Joel smiled when he saw Bonnie’s SUV pull into the tiny parking lot. The early December air was chilly, but Joel was warm in his olive green long-sleeve t-shirt and black leather jacket. He approached the driver’s side, pulling the door open as soon as Bonnie shut off the engine, moving in to press his lips firmly against hers. Patience had never been his friend, and it was in even shorter supply now. For better or worse, the head between his legs was threatening to take over.

Bonnie dropped her keys and closed her eyes, moaning into the kiss. She grabbed Joel’s face with both hands, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues wrestled with each other before Joel wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her off the seat.

But Bonnie whimpered and pulled away.

“What?” Joel asked, furrowing his brow. “Babe, what is it?”

Averting her gaze, Bonnie tucked a strand of hair behind her left ear. “Mother Nature’s got a really bad sense of timing.”

At first, Joel didn’t get it—because to be fair, his blood wasn’t exactly rushing to his brain. But the realization eventually dawned on him: it was that time of the month.

“Well…shit,” he said with a sheepish smile, stuffing his hands into his coat. 

Now he was cold.

Joel had heard stories of people having sex while the woman was on her period. None of them really appealed to him. “Whatever you do,” Rick had once told him, “do it in the shower. Everything just runs down the drain. Best part? You can even cum in her pussy, and she won’t even get pregnant.”

Joel had no way of knowing whether Rick was right—and he really didn’t want to know how Rick knew these things, even if that was true—but the idea of “getting his red wings” didn’t appeal to Joel. As far as he was concerned, red wings referred to a hockey team in Detroit. And maybe a company that made boots. Based on what Joel knew a woman’s body went through those several days, he couldn’t fathom them wanting sex in the first place.

Joel and Bonnie had talked about this earlier in their relationship; they’d agreed not to actually fuck when she was on her period, because Joel didn’t find the idea that attractive and Bonnie had said the one time she tried it, it hurt. Still, it was clear by the look on Bonnie’s face that she was just as disappointed as Joel.

“I made sure not to touch myself for two whole days,” she complained. “Then last night, I’m getting ready for bed…and this shit starts.”

Joel ran his fingers through his girlfriend’s hair. He was mad, but not at her; after all, she had no control over something like that. He leaned in and planted a soft kiss to her forehead, resigned to the fact he’d be left to his own devices later that night. Not that he minded masturbating, but jacking off with his girlfriend in town just seemed awkward. Though he supposed there was something to be said for doing it with her in the room.

Even in the midst of their mutual disappointment, his imagination threatening to run rampant, Joel could feel himself stirring in his pants. He shifted his weight from one foot to the next, hoping to redirect the blood somewhere else. Getting a hard-on in front of his girlfriend right now would just be cruel, right? For her to be that close to his six hard, throbbing inches, yet unable to do a thing about it?

Besides, with the cold, he wouldn’t be as impressive as usual.

But no matter what Joel tried, his cock kept getting harder. Maybe it was simply being this close to Bonnie. Maybe it was her scent; she’d tried a new jasmine-scented body wash, and it was positively delightful filling Joel’s nostrils. He leaned in for a closer sniff before his eyes fluttered shut and his lips instinctively planted soft kisses along the side of her neck.

Bonnie cooed, tilting her head to give her boyfriend better access. It was instinct more than anything; their bodies were that in tune with each other that some motions were practically automatic. Suddenly, an idea flashed in her mind. A wonderful, nasty, delicious idea. Her right hand found the door locks on her SUV, pressing the button. With her left hand, she ran her fingers through Joel’s hair. A dark, lustful smile spread across her face, desire flashing in her brown eyes.

“Get in the back seat,” she whispered in Joel’s ear before licking his pulse line.

With a gasp, Joel pulled away. Though confused, he did as asked, flinging the driver’s side rear door open and climbing onto the seat. He watched Bonnie move the driver’s seat up before joining him in the back, kneeling on the floor in front of Joel and shutting the door. He watched in amazement as Bonnie took off her leather coat, stripped off her green t-shirt and unhooked her lavender bra. Even moving with an urgency Bonnie only reserved for Joel, her movements were effortless and fluid. The clothing was on the floor before Joel could react.

Bonnie cupped her breasts, strategically placing her palms over her nipples and giving Joel a sly grin—the same one she had given him the night they met when he admitted to staring at them. She knew how much he loved her ample tits. As she covered them, Bonnie felt her nipples poking against her palms. Finally, she removed her hands and let her tits hang free.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Joel whispered, squirming in his seat. It didn’t matter how many times he saw them. No matter often he got to touch them and run his mouth over them, Joel would never not be in awe of those things.

Pushing his shirt over his stomach, Bonnie let her fingers trail over Joel’s skin. He was smooth, recently shaved. She loved that—not necessarily the fact that he was hairless except for a small patch at the base of his cock, but the fact that he spent that much time grooming for her. Bonnie grabbed Joel’s belt, undoing the buckle before unbuttoning his jeans. Leaning forward, she grabbed the zipper with her teeth, locking eyes with Joel and using her mouth to unzip his jeans. 

Then, with one firm tug, Joel’s jeans and boxer shorts were at his ankles.

Bonnie gasped when his rock-hard dick slapped against his stomach. She ran her fingers of his hairless balls, licking her lips before wrapping her fingers around the base. Joel whimpered and arched his back as her hand worked up his shaft, the thumb brushing over the slit at the end of his purple, swollen head. He had never been a heavy precummer, but there was already a drop of it on his tip. Only she could do that to him.

Six inches and thick, Joel was far from the largest cock Bonnie had ever seen, but at least he knew what to do with it. He fit just fine inside her, because he actually stretched her a little. Perfect thickness, not too long, not too short. A perfectly straight shaft, rigid with a prominent vein running along the side. She loved running her tongue along the vein—and so did he.

Licking her palm before giving Joel’s rod slow strokes, Bonnie’s eyes met his again.

“When was your last?” she whispered.

His mouth agape, Joel struggled to find words. His legs spread and his shaft lurched when her fingers passed over his head. That drop of precum trickled down his head and over her fingers.

“Umm,” Joel moaned. “Night before last. Was saving up for you.”

“Good boy,” she answered, running her tongue along the tip before lapping at her finger. The night in question had been for her; she knew because they had been going at it via text message for almost three hours, and she was eventually gifted with a nearly minute-long video that showed exactly what she had done to him.

Bonnie moaned, both at the musky sweetness of his precum and at the memory of Joel erupting for her.

Joel nearly jumped out of his seat when Bonnie slid his length fully into her mouth for the first time. He groaned low in his throat and his eyes momentarily rolled into the back of his head. It was another sensation he would never get used to. Grabbing a tuft of Bonnie’s hair, Joel stared down at her, watching as she eagerly devoured every inch she could. Four inches, then five, then all six again. Her lips ran over his shaft again, her tongue dancing over the tip before Bonnie took a deep breath and shoved his cock in her mouth once more. 

Bonnie bottomed out with a muffled grunt, her lips wrapping around his base. Joel bit back a scream when he felt his head thrust into the back of his girlfriend’s throat.

“Fuck!” he hissed through gritted teeth, hands curled into fists. His toes curled inside his boots and his thighs trembled. He could feel himself throbbing against Bonnie’s tongue. She moaned, sending a vibration through his length. He then felt her swallow, gasping and lifting his bare ass off the seat.

Bonnie slid her hands around to cup Joel’s ass cheeks, raking her fingernails over them. He whimpered and grabbed her hair with both hands, watching as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked it. A trail of spit connected her lower lip to his head. Moonlight spilled into the back seat and his cock glistened.

Fuck, it felt so good. Watching her stroke his wet shaft, Joel licked his lips.

“Goddamn, girl,” he huffed. “You’re gonna be the death of me…”

“Then let’s make sure you go out in style,” Bonnie joked, letting go of Joel’s cock before pressing her breasts together in his lap. Joel groaned when his length slipped between her tits, and Bonnie started bouncing up and down. They both watched Joel’s tip poke out from between her cleavage with each thrust, his precum and her spit combining for a wet ride.

Grabbing Bonnie’s shoulders, Joel moaned and gasped. Her tits her so warm against his throbbing member, so firm. He felt her nipples brush against the base every time she came down over him, her tongue snaking out to lick his slit.

“Fuck,” he hissed, arching his back again. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…”

Wrapping her lips around Joel’s tip, Bonnie sucked hard. She treated his swollen head like a Tootsie Pop, alternating the strokes of her breasts against his length. The right breast went up while the left breast went down, then vice versa. Joel whimpered and tugged on Bonnie’s hair, coaxing more of his cock into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around his head, lightly grazing the sensitive skin with her teeth.

“Goddammit, Bonnie!” Joel practically screamed. “I’m gonna fucking explode…”

Then again, she probably knew that. They had learned early on that Joel had no self-control when he was buried in her cleavage like this. That as long as he could sometimes last inside her, wrapping her tits around his cock was a surefire way to get him to cum and get him to cum now.

Releasing his head with a loud pop, Bonnie gave a seductive grin. “Aww, s’my baby gonna cum?”

Joel whimpered and nodded. She knew damn well what she was doing.

“My boy gonna bust his nut? Gonna shot his thick load?” She squeezed her tits harder around his shaft, eliciting more precum. It pooled in her cleavage. “Bet it’s nice and big, since you haven’t touched yourself in a few days.”

“God, yes,” Joel whispered, staring at the ceiling. “God, that feels so good…”

Removing her tits from Joel’s cock, Bonnie took the shaft into her hand and began feverishly stroking. Her hand was practically a blur over her boyfriend’s dick. She watched as her free hand began massaging his warm balls, and another mischievous smile crept across her face.

She had another wicked idea.

Now stroking Joel with both hands, Bonnie gasped and stared at him. Her boyfriend arched his back again, licking his lips. He couldn’t tear his eyes off the display before him. His mouth hung open, though there was no sound. Well, almost…the best he could manage was a quiet, pained whimper every time her thumb brushed against his head. His slick cock made slurping noises wrapped in her palms, the familiar tingle beginning to build in his sack.

“Oh, god,” he finally gasped. “Oh god oh god…oh fucking god…”

Joel’s left hand shot up to grab the railing over the SUV door and he arched his back one more painful time with a bellowing scream. His cock erupted, hot cum shooting from his tip and splashing Bonnie in the face. He coated her forehead, a thick stream landing on the bridge of her nose.

Joel twitched and convulsed before his girlfriend, dousing her cheeks with more of his spunk before she aimed his pulsating shaft downward, a stream hitting her chin and running down her neck. Joel watched the rest of his thick load spill all over her glistening tits, filling the valley between them and running down her pale skin.

His screams had died into whimpers, the last few waves coursing through his shaft. He sighed contentedly before Bonnie shoved his length down her throat once more, giving it a hard suck. Joel whimpered and felt one last spurt slither down her throat. If it wasn’t the biggest load he’d ever shot, it was right up there, and the aftershocks running through his body were just as intense. 

Bonnie pulled his length out of her mouth, but latched her lips around his head, sucking and licking it for all it was worth. Joel shivered when her tongue lapped at his slit. He was torn between wishing she’d stop so he could catch his breath and wanting her to keep going. Chances were, she’d have him ready for round two in no time.

Sweating and struggling to catch his breath, Joel gave his girlfriend a lazy smile when he gazed at her. He had long fantasized about using Bonnie like a paint canvas like this, but his fantasies couldn’t compete with what he was looking at. Her face was coated like a porn star’s, and the sight of his seed on her firm mounds was almost enough on its own to get him going again.

He sighed again when Bonnie devoured him again before lazily stroking his wet length. She smiled at him, running her free hand over her breasts. His release was still warm on her.

“Oh,” Joel huffed, “my…god, baby. Fuck, that was…” He swallowed hard. “Fuck.”

Bonnie giggled, lapping at Joel’s balls. Joel normally had such a way with words, but she had robbed him of that. Not bad, considering the aching hole between her legs was out of commission. She could feel the spunk on her face start to set, except for what rolled down her cheek and fell on Joel’s lap. She licked it up and rolled it around her tongue before reaching up to kiss her boyfriend. He groaned when she let the cum in her mouth spill into his, and they exchanged it before Joel broke the kiss to catch his breath, letting the cum fall onto her chin—where it dangled before falling onto his tip.
Bonnie rubbed it in, stroking his softening dick. Another wicked smile, and she ran her fingers over his sweaty chest. “My baby like that?”

Joel laughed. “What do you think? I so owe you.”

With a laugh of her own, Bonnie gave his balls one more squeeze. “I know. The second I’m done down there, you and I are gonna fuck the night away.”


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