Take the Camera, Lose Control

As soon as Rick walked through the door, he saw Mia on the other side of the bedroom, leather jacket open and pants unbuttoned and low on her waist. Were it not for the sly grin on her face, framed in a cascade of purple hair, he would swear she was in the middle of getting dressed. A thin black bra gave Rick the slightest hint of her small yet firm tits and the red marks on her left breast—a bite mark from two nights ago.

But what really set him off—in the best way possible—was the glimpse Mia offered of her leopard-print thong. She wore it so well, and knowing what was hidden under that flimsy fabric had his shaft throbbing under his jeans.

After all, Mia only wore the leopard print if she had one thing in mind.

Rick approached Mia with dark lust in his eyes; normally a light brown, they were closer to black. He licked his lips as he grabbed her by the neck and backed her into a nearby wall. Mia gasped when her ass hit the wall, looking up at him and flashing the sort of smile she knew would push just the right buttons. Knowing what made Rick shift from mild-mannered to primal hadn’t stolen the fun out of the moment; if anything, it had made their sexcapades even better.
Rick was such a different person once Mia got his clothes off and had him all riled up. That made her even wetter than his body, which did a fine enough job of that on its own.

Rick’s free hand brushed strands of dyed hair out of Mia’s face before another presence in the room registered and he glanced over his shoulder. Mia’s friend Katherine was looking at Rick with a mixture of shock and amusement, her smartphone tucked in both hands. Steeling his features, Rick nodded in acknowledgment at her to keep shooting before turning his attention back to Mia. Her perfume, normally light and airy, overwhelmed his nostrils and made him throb even harder. 

But nothing got him going quite like that camera.

More specifically, what the camera meant.

Mia was finally giving in to Rick’s fantasy, the one he had recounted so many times before. She had lost count of how many times the thought of it had gotten her off, soaring to carnal heights every time Rick whispered the details in her ear—but until now, she had never gathered up the courage to actually do it. To Rick’s credit, he never pushed, content to let her process and think at her own pace—and the surprise of the moment was part of why she wanted to do it now.

The way Rick was acting now that he realized what was going on…that was almost the hottest part. Even if one included the fact that Mia enlisted her best friend to do it. It was the best possible outcome for Rick, because as hot as Mia was, her friend wasn’t so bad herself. He had lost count of how many times he had lost control over Mia telling him about her exploits with Katherine or described what it would be like if they shared her friend for a night.

So really, they were both realizing long-held fantasies. 

Tiny, blonde, and curvy everywhere a woman should be, Katherine would have been at the top of Rick’s fuck list were he not madly in love with the partially-dressed woman he had pinned to the wall. He didn’t care if Katherine watched or joined in…so long as that camera kept rolling, he was good. The fact that it was Katherine and not someone he didn’t know…that was just icing on the cake.

White, sticky icing.

They could negotiate what to do with the footage later.

With a growl, Rick’s lips crashed against Mia’s. Her hips thrust forward on instinct to meet his, their bodies so in tune with each other after three years together. His trapped length pressed against Mia’s crotch and his hands peeled off her jacket before pushing her pants down to her ankles. His hands were so deft, so skilled. Mia stepped out of her pants with a soft moan as her tongue parted his lips.

Rick’s hands slipped behind Mia to unhook her bra; one flick of the wrist set her tits free. He opened his eyes again to watch them bounce, nipples already hard and darkened. Glancing at the red mark, Rick wrapped his arms around Mia’s waist and dipped his head low. First, his tongue traced the mark, reliving a memory they both enjoyed.

Then, without warning, Rick bit it.

Mia’s body shuddered and bucked against him. Katherine gasped from behind the camera, the hand not holding the device suddenly hidden from view. Mia whimpered and tangled her fingers through his hair, her right leg hooking around her boyfriend’s waist. In response, Rick thrust his hips, letting the length of his bulge slide across the crotch of her thong. Even through the denim, he could feel the wet spot. It made him growl, his lips pressing against her ear.
"We're just getting started, love..." 

Why not play it up for the camera? Especially once Rick cast a sideways glance and saw Katherine’s mouth agape, her eyes hooded and her free arm buried between her legs.

Well, now…

Rick’s left hand disappeared between Mia’s legs as his grip on her neck tightened. Not to choke her, but to push her even harder against the wall. Gritting his teeth, Rick began rubbing circles over her covered pussy with his middle two fingers, applying extra pressure when he felt the hidden nub of her clit. Mia cried out the first time Rick found the spot, her left hand burrowing under his shirt and clawing between his shoulder blades. Her fingernails dug into his skin; in response, his fingers trapped and pinched her clit beneath the fabric. Mia whimpered a string of obscenities into his ear, the wet spot in her thong growing.

Somehow, in the heat of the moment, Mia’s hands managed to unzip Rick’s jeans and push them to his knees. Shaking his legs, Rick stepped out of them, his throbbing shaft swinging free with each motion. Mia’s right hand caressed the underside of his shaft, making Rick hiss when her thumb reached the bottom of his swollen head. He felt the precum seep from his tip as he started rubbing frantic circles over Mia’s clit, the urgency of her moans making him rub even harder.

Katherine gasped at the sight, and both Rick and Mia smirked in response.

"Please," Mia exhaled, "please take them off..."

"Not yet." 

Rick grinned, glancing over his shoulder at Katherine, who refused to tear her gaze from the screen on her phone, even as she brought her free hand to her lips and slid two fingers into her mouth. Rick couldn’t tell which was hotter: the sounds Mia was making as his fingers continued teasing through her flimsy underwear or the show Katherine was putting on in watching and recording them. Maybe it was the combination of the two.

All Rick knew was, if he wasn’t careful, he’d blow way too soon. He needed to make sure this lasted long enough for everyone to enjoy.

Licking his lips, Rick pressed the full weight of his body against Mia, spreading her legs with his thigh as he cupped her wet pussy in his palm and gave her mound a hard squeeze. Mia cried out as her body jerked against him, her inner thighs quivering when he repeated the motion.

"Fuck," she hissed, glaring at Rick through hooded eyes. She’d become so wet that his fingers were now coated in her juices, even though he'd yet to peel off the thong. There was likely no washing machine strong enough to save the material now, but that was just fine. 

“Take them off,” Katherine ordered in a husky voice, biting her lower lip.

Well now…who was Rick to defy the director? Rick slid the thong down Mia’s thighs with ease before his fingers went back to working their magic over Mia’s crotch. Caressing and fondling, pinching and tugging. Mia moaned her approval before her sounds devolved into gasps for air and whimpers of ecstasy. She clawed at him, her body trembling and bucking against the wall. It wouldn't be too much longer before she fell over the edge...

“Do it,” Katherine ordered, biting back a gasp of her own. “Make her cum.”

With one more pinch of Mia’s clit, it happened. Her back arched hard off the wall as she screamed Rick’s name. He felt a sudden rush of warmth on his hand, followed by the random convulsions of her muscles. Legs trembling, body quivering, her arms groping at Rick for support. Her screams morphed into whimpers and gasps for air, her eyes alternating between Rick and her friend with the camera. Everyone looked down to see a puddle on the floor before Mia glanced up to see Katherine on her knees, eyes squeezed shut as she let out a scream of her own.

Somehow, even as Katherine’s free hand worked over her own clit with reckless abandon, she held the phone steady. Not even the throes of orgasm could stop her from capturing everything Rick and Mia did to each other.

Not even as Katherine pulled her fingers free again, locking eyes with Rick and running her tongue over her juices. She moaned at her own taste, purely for show, and she grinned when Rick’s knees buckled and his eyes rolled back.

By the time Mia came down from her high, Rick had gathered enough composure to scoop her panties up from being bunched around her ankle. He brought the thong to his nose, taking in her addictive aroma before he wrapping the thin material around his stiff cock and giving his shaft three quick tugs. He nearly burst right then and there, the combination of Mia’s scent and the feeling of her juices on his cock nearly sending him over the edge. 

To say nothing of two hot women cumming within seconds of each other right in front of him.

Rick tossed Mia’s thong at Katherine with a smile before taking Mia’s hand and guiding them both to the floor. Once she was on her back, Rick grabbed his leather belt and tied her wrists together above her head. She squirmed under him, arching her back and straining against the belt. She whimper again, the sound sending shockwaves through Rick’s cock. He glanced at Katherine, watching her rub the thong against her pussy—which damn near sent him over the edge without him even touching himself.

Mia had told him how intense her trysts with Katherine had been, how they’d often spend hour after hour trying to one-up each other on the orgasm meter—often to the point where they both lost count. But to see it in action, to see just how hot Katherine got for Mia’s wet thong…

For the briefest of moments, Rick wondered what Katherine would look like beneath him, legs spread and his thick rod buried to the hilt inside her. 

Shaking himself of the thought—because Mia was practically a goddess with her legs wide open—Rick licked his lips and angled himself so the tip of his cock rested against Mia’s slick entrance. Her hips bucked in an effort to take him in, but he didn’t oblige quite yet...mostly because Mia’s pleading moan was too damn sexy.

Still, Rick had to admit he could only hold out for so long. Without warning, he thrust forward. Gasping as Mia’s walls grabbed his throbbing length, he filled her balls-deep in the first thrust. Her body arched against his, her hands grabbing his elbows. Mia shivered against him and took his right nipple into her mouth. They both groaned when Rick’s balls rested between her ass cheeks, so loudly that he almost don't hear Katherine begging him to fuck Mia even harder.

Or maybe she wasn’t begging. Maybe she was just moaning.

Not that Rick needed the encouragement, but the sounds coming from the amateur camerawoman-slash-director made him leak precum into Mia’s warm channel.

His hips rocked back and forth, setting up a smooth yet firm rhythm. Mia met his thrusts in kind, gritting her teeth and tossing her head back every time Rick bottomed out in her warm pussy. She grabbed his ass cheeks and dug in her fingernails...which only made Rick thrust harder, shoving his hard length deeper into her. Mia’s juices trickled out over his shaft, coating his balls and puddling on the floor beneath her ass. She shuddered against Rick, rolling her hips at such an angle that the tip of his cock hit her g-spot every other thrust.

Between Mia’s moans, Rick saw movement from the camera. Katherine had stuffed Mia’s thong in her mouth, and she was making sure she got every shot she could of Rick force-feeding her friend’s throbbing pussy. Mia cried out when he leaned down to bite the nape of her neck, his teeth sinking as deep as they could, the weight of his body pinning her to the floor. Mia whimpered when Rick released his grip on her neck, her fingers clawing down his hairy chest. In response, Rick reached down to grab her clit, pinching and tugging on it right as he shoved himself balls-deep into her even harder than before.

Which, apparently, was all she needed—Mia didn’t just cum, she exploded. With a scream, her insides convulsed. They throbbed so hard, her pussy pushed Rick’s wet shaft out as her entire body bucked off the floor. Pussy juice squirted from Mia’s tight hole, pooling on the floor. Rick grabbed her hips to keep her from completely flailing about, Mia’s face red and her teeth gritted as she continued riding out her orgasm. The sight was such a turn-on for Rick that he didn't even wait for her orgasm to finish before thrusting into her again, causing her to cry out so loud, Katherine flinched.

Mia’s insides were still twitching from orgasm, and within seconds, the sensation sent Rick over the edge. Giving Katherine one more knowing glance, he shoved himself as deep into Mia’s tight hole as he could, gritting his teeth and grabbing her shoulders with both hands. With a scream of his own, Rick finally exploded, emptying his warm balls inside her in a series of warm, thick shots of cum. His cock pulsed against Mia’s slick walls, filling her channel to overflowing with so much spunk, it was almost as if he hadn’t cum in over a week. Mia whimpered and groped at Rick as he filled her with his seed, his entire body shaking.

Once the last drop of spunk spilled into Mia, Rick leaned down to give her a warm, possessive kiss. Their tongues danced together as her fingers gripped his sweaty hair, their bodies plastered together and coated in sweat. He slowly pulled out, leaving half of his load to leak out onto the floor. They shared another deep, longing kiss as Mia’s right hand grabbed Rick’s wet cock to give it soft, loving strokes...which served to keep him hard, even with the massive load he just shot.

Mia broke the kiss to give him a devilish grin, even as she glanced at Katherine. The blonde had shed her top and was rubbing the wet thong over her hard, pert nipples. The two women locked eyes, and Katherine grinned when Mia wrapped her thighs around Rick’s back. She didn’t want him going anywhere any time soon.

Sweaty and struggling for breath, Mia gave her friend a lazy smile. “Your turn.”


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