Happy Birthday Aaron

Felicity had recently discovered anal sex and was loving it. 

Her prudish mother had enforced a strict religious upbringing on her and her older sister Kate in a house that had made sex a forbidden topic. The day that Kate had sheepishly confessed to her sister that she’d let a schoolyard crush slip his hand up her skirt on the bus home from school the two girls had found themselves conflicted with thoughts of chastity but also their own emerging wantonness. 

Kate left home first. Felicity followed shortly after, but even after she had emerged from her upbringing as her own woman there were still some boundaries in sex that she hadn’t explored.

Until she met Aaron. 

Drunkenly one night she’d asked him to try it with her. She’d expected it to hurt and believed she wasn’t in control when she’d drunkenly suggested it,  but they’d gone slowly and used nearly two bottles of red wine, a condom and a tube of KY Jelly for lubrication. The intense pleasure of his cock inside her ass while he’d reached around her and stroked her clit combined with the deviant, naughty nature of the act had finally clipped the last wings of her inner angel and they both now noticed her new, more experimental and lustful appetite for sex.

Today was Aaron’s birthday and she had prepared a special treat for both of them. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and they sat watching TV from the couch in sweatpants and t-shirts.

It was Aaron’s birthday, so his choice of film but a movie about some robot police officer hadn’t won her attention... Having spent the morning surreptitiously planning, she could feel the tension building between her legs. She gently teased herself with a strategically applied gstring from earlier, but he was too absorbed in scenes of two robots fighting to notice her tugging on the string under her PJ’s.  

She leant into his ear and whispered words she’d embarrassingly rehearsed previously in the bathroom mirror.

“I think we should fuck.”

He smiled, needing minimal encouragement as he reached a hand down on her tracksuit pants.

“Did you have anything…” He paused as he identified the lacy underwear. “What did you have in mind?” He asked.

“I have something in mind” she said, producing a strategically placed bottle of lubricant from earlier.

“I want to be very… Very. Naughty.” She said coyly, as if someone might overhear them in an empty house but getting swept up in the moment all the same.

“I’d like to do it the other way” she said, before gathering her confidence and saying “I want to feel you cum inside me too.”

“Wow.” Aaron stammered. “Ah, yes. okay please” He said, a little bit embarrassed himself.

She turned and knelt on the couch, removing her pants to reveal the damp g-string, tightly wedged between her cheeks.

“Take your pants off” she said as she reached for him and then started to rub the lubricant on herself.

Aaron was hard and he teased the warm head of his cock against her. He put his hand on her buttock and teased her apart. The heat rubbed off onto her skin as he got closer. There was a wicked anticipation as she reached behind and rubbed lubricant onto the head and shaft of his cock, beginning to imagine what it was going to feel like to have it inside her. Squeezing a last generous measure of lubricant from the bottle she smeared the cold but quickly warming gel on her asshole then wiped the excess off on her t-shirt; consciously avoiding touching the couch.

He playfully flicked the head of his rod against her well lubricated hole. She was already relaxed and wasn’t going to have to take her time like they had the first times. She wanted him inside her and began backing herself into him.

He squeezed her and she could feel them both trembling with anticipation. It made her even more eager to get started and a feeling of nervous vulnerability shot up her back as the head eased into her, with just the slightest hesitation before he pushed in further.

It felt wonderful.

Aaron was a generous lover and experienced. He touched her gently with his hands as he let her adjust to the feeling of having him inside her asshole, deep enough that their skin touched - His pelvis on her buttocks

She began to pant and her pussy felt wet and tender as she eased his cock into her. The delightful fullness of his penis and the sudden realisation that she was committing a truly deviant act was incredible. 

She gave him a gentle squeeze and the pressure made her shake.

Gently they began to fuck. He gripped her and she took long draws, steadily increasing the pace. His cock felt so much warmer inside her than it did when he wore a rubber and she began to tremble at the knees as she tuned into the sensation that was inside her, feeling everything much more intently. His cock felt huge and was incredibly hot.

He began to breathe heavily and she could tell he was getting close, just as she was getting started. He was concentrating so hard that all he was capable of was muffled groans of pleasure. She was intently enjoying the feeling of a huge throbbing raw cock inside her and began to brace for his orgasm, a little disappointed that it was going to be over soon, but knowing that it was a special treat for him and that she’d soon experience the sensation of hot cum filling her ass for the first time. She decided not to slow down the pace.

He glazed his fingers across the small of her back and announced he was going to cum.

“Cum in me” she said, feeling hot and deliciously filthy at her own wickedness, preemptively imagining what it was going to feel like.

He eased in and then out of her a couple of times, slightly gripping his cock with his free hand. The head of his penis was just inside her and she felt it pulse as he burst. First with a warm trickle of fluid, then with a thick shot of spunk which sprayed into her hole. He let out a gasp and plunged into her. It was a little sudden and the pressure made her tense but all the cum had lubricated her and she felt his second larger spray pump into her.

With the intensity he’d lost his rhythm and slipped out of her, shooting her asshole with a final lash of spunk. it hit her raw body and dribbled down over the lips of her pussy. 

“I said cum in my ass not on it” she giggled, secretly delighted at the sensation of warm spunk slipping down off her swollen pussy and clit.

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty more...” he said with an almost relieved tone.

He pushed the head of his cock against her cum soaked arse and eased back into her. He was still  extremely hard. The sensation of being filled up returned and he started to rigorously thrust long, satisfying strokes into her. His cum lubricating his cock and the first load dribbling down the inside of her leg.

“I’ve never felt anything this good before” he gagged, bending over and grabbing her sides just below her breasts. He started to pump harder and faster. His thrusts pressing them together hard as she moaned with exasperated pleasure as a thick hot, cum soaked cock fucked her hard in the naughtiest way possible.

She’d let go. Concern for the furnishings and the sound of gunfire from the television had given way to the uninhibited sexual liberation of raw anal sex. She took her elbows off the top of the couch and used her now free hands to spread her backside. Now she was pressed, face first into the lounge suite and the cotton covers chaffed her face as he forced his cock all the way inside her. 

Her legs shook uncontrollably and hot flushes overcame her as her throbbing snatch started to drip.

This was the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt, starting at the very base of her tummy and exploding outward as the head of his rod ground into her and the full length of his shaft stretched her anus. She ejaculated cum in an uncontrollable orgasm and almost collapsed as she lost control of her body.

“That's so fucking hot” he whispered into her ear, before taking a handful of her hair and cupping her breast.

Hot wet cum shot into her and she felt the warm flood of spunk splash inside her arse. It was decadent and she felt every sensation. A previously un-imagined feeling of wet fullness sat inside her as his tender cock started to quiver.

The sweat dripped from them both as he pulled out and jokingly announced “what would your mother say Felicity?”   

“I don’t care” she replied lustily touching herself and revelling in a new found sexiness.


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