She’d seen him at Saints and Sinners before. When he approached her on the dance floor her response was primal, and fast.

The music was loud, but as he moved closer the beat seemed to slow.

‘Dance with me.’ Not a request … a demand.

It almost felt like the crowd was pushing her towards him.

Her body twisted to the beat, wrapping around his like they’d fucked a thousand times previously. As he grabbed her hips she ground herself on his thigh, feeling him harden against her.

‘I want you.’

His words had an indescribable effect on her. She was losing herself – to him; to the music; to the hedonistic ambience of the night.

‘Then take me.’

Her short skirt meant nothing to his hungry hands. She was sure her gasp was audible to the dancers around them, but was helpless to stop the desire coursing through her body. His fingertips pushed her underwear to one side and dragged themselves agonisingly across her clit. Her moans were lost in the crowd as he quickened the movement. 

‘Please … I want you to -’

The teasing fingers ceased, and she groaned her disappointment. Before she could beg him to keep going, he grabbed her hips and spun her away from him, then pulled her close, wrapping an arm around her and resting it lightly at the base of her neck. She could feel him, hard, grinding into her back. 

She opened her eyes to see a man closing in on her, staring directly at her flushed face. In a second he was in her space, sandwiching her between the two men. Her breasts were crushed against his hard chest, her lips brushing his collarbone. 

A whisper from behind: ‘I want you to meet my friend’.

The trio swayed to the music, two firm bodies bracketing her, rubbing against her. The man in front of her ran a hand down over her hip, before grasping her thigh and lifting her leg so it wrapped around his waist. He pushed his hips forward and ground against her more firmly as the music sped up. She balanced on one leg, kept upright by the two heated bodies pinning her between them. Their two hard cocks angling against her most sensitive areas caused a heat to start building deep within her. 

Cheeks red, breathing hard, she closed her eyes to the sensations. She could feel her flimsy underwear become slick with her arousal.

‘Do you want this?’

‘Yes. Oh, please. Yes.’

Her skirt bunched up around her waist as the man in front of her lifted her other leg and she wrapped her limbs around the friend to maintain balance. There was a pinching sensation across her hips, and she realised the man behind her had torn her underwear from her body. Hard denim rubbed on her exposed pussy and it was soon soaked with her juices. She tipped backwards slightly, then adjusted, as the man behind her stepped backwards slightly, and she could feel him fumbling with his fly before rolling a condom over his hard cock.

‘Oh, please. Fuck me.’

Two fingers plunged into her wet pussy, before dragging the liquid back between her cheeks. The man in front of her moved his hands slightly so they were cradling her ass, pulling her open. The other man brushed his fingers between her cheeks again, gently massaging her sensitive ass. A pause, and they were replaced by the head of his cock.

‘You – you’re not going to …’ She flushed, unable to say the words. She had tried anal before, and hadn’t minded it, but this was different. In the middle of a crowded dance floor, lights flickering, and hundreds of sweaty bodies moving in unison around them. It felt so dirty.

‘Yes. I’m going to fuck your ass, while my friend holds you up. If you want it, it’s going to be our way. Relax, and breathe.’

She instinctively flinched as he pushed forward slightly, and her clit rubbed against the man in front of her, sending a wave of arousal through her body. The man behind her paused and steadied himself before pushing forward again. She dragged a breath deep into her lungs as the head of his cock slipped past the entrance of her ass. She had barely seen his face let alone any other part of his body, and he felt huge. He stilled, giving her a moment to adjust to the fullness. 

The music pulsed in her ears, and she surrendered herself to the animal beat. As it crescendoed two men’s breath brushed against her neck. She relaxed and let him push into her. She tilted her head back. The movement pushed her clit against the man in front of her, and in that moment the man behind her pushed forward until her ass was filled.

The crowd roared, and she howled in delight. As the beat dropped he pushed in and out of her, her thighs wrapped around the man grinding against her cunt. 

‘Please. Please, I want this.’

The crowd surged and pulsed around her. To the beat of the music the man behind her fucked her ass, and the man holding her up pushed his cock against her swollen clit. Crushed between the two of them she felt consumed. By the beat; by their hunger; by her own desire. She writhed on the hard cock in her, feeling it swell and twitch with his impending orgasm.

‘I want you. I want you to come for me.’

She wasn’t sure who she was talking to as a strong, brutal and dirty feeling began to tear her apart. 

The beat dropped. The bodies surrounding hers responded to the music, and she fell apart between the two men. She bucked wildly, her ears, ass and clit overwhelmed. The two men held her between them as she rode out the furious orgasm.

Before she hit the floor, the man behind her slid out, and gently carried her to a chair at the end of the dancefloor.

‘I’ll grab you something to drink. And … I hope we’ll see you at the next Saints and Sinners.’


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