Three to tango

Lily was bored. She woke up in the morning with a longing for something exciting and different today. She had called up Rachel and Mel the night before to come over for a hot tub, hoping it would relieve the tedium. Lily had so much fun when they were all together because both women always made her feel so desirable. Mel was the most brazen, but Rachel, with her cute little buns and ample breasts was the coy one who always got things started.

Lily's husband had left on a work trip the day before and it would be another week before he returned. All the arrangements were made, Mel and Rachel would stop by after work for wine and a soak in the tub. Lily thoughtfully pulled together a cheese platter and a healthy chicken salad with a mango chilli dressing for them to eat. 

As she warmed up the hot tub she thought about Mel 's smile and how whenever they were together Mel was always trying to come on to her. It was no secret that Mel was into sex whenever and wherever possible. Rachel was also a bit of a sexpot, but was much more subtle about it than Mel. 

So the two of them made a perfect pair, but Lily had never done anything with either. Tonight would be a great time to test the waters with both of those femmes though. "Let's find out if I’m all talk," Lily wondered out loud to her cat, Floyd. 

Around seven Mel and Rachel knocked on the door. After settling into the kitchen with a glass of wine Rachel asked Lily how her day had gone. "I'm bored," she said, "and I'd do just about anything to get out of this funk that I'm in." 

Both Mel and Rachel looked at each other and smiled. "So when's your precious man coming back?" Mel asked sarcastically, although Lily knew Mel was a bit into Mark, Lily’s husband. 

"Not for another week," Lily replied nonchalantly. Then Rachel piped up. "Are you going to do anything special for his return this time?" Rachel and Mel both knew how Lily liked to surprise Mark whenever he went away for a business trip. One time she had put on just shoes and a garter belt with stockings and picked him up at the airport. She wore a long overcoat but that was it - no bra, no panties. He didn't have a clue about what was going on until they had finished putting the suitcases in the trunk. As Lily climbed into the car, she let the coat slip open a bit, revealing a small patch of brown fuzz. Mark almost crashed trying to get home that night. 

Lily smiled at the recollection and turned to Rachel. "Have you got any ideas?" Lily asked. Rachel just smiled and said "let me think about it." 

Lily poured another glass of wine and went about preparing the salad. When they had all finished eating, Mel and Rachel did the dishes while Lily checked the temperature in the hot tub. 

"It's ready," she called from the other room as she set up Spotify and a bluetooth speaker.

In a flash, Mel stripped off her top, unfastened her bra, and pulled her pants down, standing there only in her panties. Lily and Rachel watched with amusement. "Not much of a stripper, are you, Melly?" Rachel said in a mocking tone. "Hmpf, well why don't you show Lily how it should be done" replied Mel with a wink and a smile. With that, Rachel walked over the edge of the tub and stood up on it. After looking around the room for a minute, she started to rock her hips back and forth, to and fro... "How's this?" asked Rachel as both Mel and Lily broke into cat calls. 

With their encouragement, Rachel exaggerated even more. She pulled her bra off from under her shirt and swung it over her head. "More, more, take it off. take it all off" hollered Mel, "let's see what you've got under there." 

Rachel slowly pulled her arms out from her shirt and then lifted the whole thing over her head. Her bouncing breasts popped out and Mel whistled a high-pitched shriek of delight. 

Finally, Rachel stepped down from the edge of the tub. She turned away from both Lily and Mel  and undid the top button of her jeans. Swaying to the music, Rachel slid her jeans down and stepped out of them. Standing there clad in only her panties, Mel really went wild over Rachel,  Yelling and whistling. She looked over at Lily and said "brace yourself dear, Rachel’s been wanting to show off her new look for weeks." 

Lily started to ask Mel what she was referring to when, all of a sudden, Rachel turned away again and slowly started to work her lace panties down around her hips. Playing with the elastic, she stretched and pulled them down around her knees and then let go as they fell around her feet. She ushered them away and when Rachel turned around, Lily let out a little gasp. She 

hadn't realised she'd been holding her breath the whole time.. As Rachel turned, it was obvious what Mel had been referring to. 

Rachel had completely shaved her pubic area and was now sporting an italicised tattoo on her inner thigh which read “lover”. 

Mel started laughing at Lily's response. "C'mon, haven't you ever done that?" Lily's eyes were riveted to Rachel but it wasn’t the tattoo she was transfixed on, it was Rachel's silky smooth mound and protruding lips. "Well, it' is pretty sexy'' Lily stammered, "and I think you've just given me an idea about what to do for Mark's return. The women all laughed and chortled in unison at the thought of straight laced Lily getting a tattoo, let alone one on her inner thigh. Mel spoke first, “You’d never get a tattoo, would you?” Lily paused, “Oh, god no, ah, I meant shaving down there.” The two women smiled in support but Lily could see even they were a little surprised. 

Again Mel started the conversation “well I’m sure we’d be happy to help you with that. You should try it, it's great.” 

Lily laughed but deep down she tingled a little at the thought. “Lemme get back to you on that one” she said non-committal. Why was she such a chicken she thought to herself. She dwelled on the idea of just calling Mel's dare to see what would’ve happened.

As Lily soaked in the hot, bubbly water of the spa bath, she looked around the room contentedly, occasionally sipping her wine. From her vantage she could watch the water lap at the tops of Mels breasts as the water swirled around the pool.

The steam from the hot tub rolled up and swirled around the ceiling of the greenhouse room where the spa bath was located. The plants just loved all that steam. Lily moved out to the middle of the tub and tried to float on her back. Mel extended her leg slowly and positioned it under Lily so she could float unassisted. 

As Lily lay across Mel’s leg spread-eagled to the spa jet, the warm stream of water gently caressed her folds and continued up her belly. She put her head back so her ears were totally submerged in the whir of the water. The pleasant rumble was so soothing, so easy to get lost in the sound. 

Time stood still as she drifted deeper and deeper into the sound. She could feel the crook of Mel’s foot cradle her in the warmth. Lily let her arms float out to grab the side of the tub and brushed up against Rachel who had moved over to a jet of her own. As Lily opened her eyes she caught the outline of Rachel’s sex shimmering in the water. She shivered guiltily as her eyes followed the curve of Rachel’s hips down her thighs, over her bare mound and to the very edges of her smooth slit. 

Noticing approving glances from Rachel, Lily worked up her courage and finally asked, “what’s it like to shave it all off?” 

Rachel shifted her position to give Lily an even better view and said “I’ve been doing it for a while. The boys love it.”  

Mel grinned at Rachel and made a face but then she laughed. 

Rachel continued “It does take a little upkeep, as it re-grows it can be a bit annoying.”

“it’s sort of like a kissing man who has a two-day old beard” Mel bluntly interjected, getting a laugh in unison from the women. 

Rachel put one arm over Mel’s shoulder and the other over Lily’s and took the weight off her feet so she’d float. As she buoyed up, Rachel pointed her toes towards the jet stream of water. 

Lily’s eyes were glued on Rachel from this new perspective and she reached out to feel the sight before her. Rachel let out a hushed murmur and arched her back to Lily’s touch, repositioning herself out of the water to provide the two women with better access. The water splashed and rolled off of Rachel's body and steam rose off of her. 

Lily was enthralled by the smooth, slippery surface of another woman. She rolled her palm flat against the top of Rachel's soft mound and let her fingers drop lustfully down. By this time, Mel had moved over and invited herself to start feeling out Rachel’s mood by touching and kissing the tops of her feet. 

While Lily’s fingers gently explored Rachels exposed folds, Mel worked her way up the opposing thigh, until Mel’s tongue and Lily’s middle finger were within inches of each other. Rachel started 

to moan and tense her legs. It was clear that the electricity was flowing through her like a shorted circuit. She gasped as Mel reached up and pressed her nipple between her two fingers, softly rubbing towards a perfect amount of tension. Rachel whimpered softly as Lily gently rubbed her clit between her thumb and index finger. As the surges rose, Lily quickened the pace and Rachel responded in kind. 

The tension built to a frenzied crescendo. Mel started sucking Rachels breast enthusiastically, licking and lusting from one to the other. 

Lily used her fingers to part Rachels slit and slip her tongue into the warm, moist folds. The woman started to shake and moan. She gasped as one final surge released itself from within and then she just relaxed, slipping limply into the warm comfort of the water. 

Rachel finally opened her eyes and stood up in the tub. “Oh my.” she said to Mel. “that was as good as it’s ever been.”

Mel looked over approvingly at Lily and then Rachel. “Don’t thank me” she said,”thank Lily.” 

Lily blushed at the compliment but had now just found a new confidence. Something she’d thought about frequently was now happening and she let go of her usual prudish restraint. 

“Me?” she asked in a quiet voice, “You said you’d be glad to help” earlier. 

Mel looked over to Rachel and smiled as she asked. “help with what?” 

Lily was flustered but continued, “you know… tidy me up” she said with a slight smile. 

The three friends were standing naked, horny and slightly tipsy, waist deep in a luxurious hot tub and Lily was acting like a scared schoolgirl. “You can always count on me to help you out any way I can.” Mel smiled. Rachel jumped into the fray. “And don¹t forget me” she quipped, “I’m one of the best stylists in the country!”

Lily smirked contentedly. She had known Mel and Rachel for over two years and counted them among her best friends. They always did things together. Of course, it had been obvious from the first moment that Mel would’ve jumped Lily’s bones in a heartbeat. But in a way, that just made Lily feel wanted even more. It was also obvious that Rachel and Mel had known each other for a long time too because they were so relaxed and at ease with each other. 

But this latest escapade was completely different for Lily. 

While she had always enjoyed the company of other women,  Lily never thought she’d be so turned on by another woman’s body. She still didn¹t know why she asked Rachel for help with shaving. But when Lily first caught a glimpse of Rachel's supple-smooth belly and sultry slit, she was turned on beyond her wildest imaginings. She wanted to feel the fire of a tongue on her own swelling clit. She wanted to shiver from those soft and sensuous strokes. Without any hair to get in the way, it would be a whole new sensation. 

“So what do we need to do?” Lily asked as Mel got out of the tub and began to towel herself. 

“First thing we need is a couple of sharp razors” Rachel stated matter-of-factly. 

“The double-bladed types are best but they should be new” she continued. 

“Mark has a box upstairs, Mel would you go in the third drawer of the bathroom cupboard? Lily asked. 

Mel had flung the towel over her shoulder and was standing mostly uncovered, her perky breasts rising and falling with each breath. “I’ll get some moisturiser too” she contributed before heading off to search.

Lily turned to Rachel, “Did the tattoo hurt? It’s so sexy” 

“I got it a little over a month ago. It hurt like crazy but it was really hot having a stranger that close with a sharp needle.” Rachel replied. “I feel very naughty with it but it means I’ll need to trim and shave pretty much every week if I want it to look good.”

Rachel repositioned herself so that the spa jet was hitting her clit directly. “Oh that feels so nice” she said wantonly. 

Mel returned just as Rachel finished telling Lily to relax. “Got it all right here” she smiled triumphantly as she motioned to Mark’s razors and some shaving cream. 

Lily, why don’t you sit up here?”

Rachel patted her hand on the side of the tub, “and we’ll take care of the rest.”  

Lily’s beautifully shaped breasts parted the water as she stood up. She sat on the edge of the hot tub and spread her legs a little. First Mel used a small pair of scissors. Her hands were delicate and helped by the warm water. Lily felt vulnerable and turned on as the woman inspected her nakedness.

“There, that takes care of the longest hairs” Mel said. 

When Lily looked down, her first impulse was to cross her legs. As she started to do just that, Rachel came up around the side. “Not so fast” she joked, “this is a view that shouldn’t be concealed.”

Lily laughed, embarrassed as much by all the attention she was receiving as she was by her now neatly trimmed and very exposed pussy. 

The outline of Lily’s slit was becoming ever more visible as Mel kept trimming away at the shorter hairs. Rachel came over and caressed Lily’s thigh with her hand, resting her head on Lily’s shoulder as she did. Lily tingled at the feeling of the women caressing her and spread her legs open even further.

She shifted position and Rachel got the shave cream, spurted some into her hand and then slowly worked it into a lather in Lily’s crotch. 

“Let that soak and soften the hair for a minute” Rachel said. After a few minutes elapsed, Rachel reached over for one of the razors. “Are you ready?” she asked as she positioned the razor on the top-most hairs

Rachel gripped the razor tightly but applied it very gently as she descended part way down Lily’s pussy, taking out a swath of the downy soft sprouts. After a few deft strokes, the upper hair was almost entirely gone so Rachel moved lower. 

“Now comes the trickier part… don’t wiggle” Rachel warned. 

Mel smirked but said nothing. Rachel used her fingers for balance as she shaved right up to the edges of Lily’s outer lips. She then shifted position so she could get at the other side more easily. Stroke after luscious stroke she scraped away at the hair which clung to the edges of Lily’s labia. 

Lily lost herself in a flood of sexy sensation that threatened to make her quiver and arch her back. “If you keep that up, you may get your clit cut, too” Mel teased. But Lily couldn’t help herself. Every touch sent a jolt right through her. She couldn’t believe how sensitive her pussy felt; how even the slightest movement against her skin created wave after wave of pleasure. 

“Almost done” said Rachel with obvious satisfaction. “Let me just touch up this last spot.”

Rachel pulled a little at Lily’s clit as she shaved the hair around it. The nervous sensation was intense and as Rachel finished the last little bit, she dipped her hand in the warm water and gently washed off the remaining shaving cream.

Lily looked down to behold a bare, hairless slit that disappeared from view. Rachel moved over and squirted some of the moisturising lotion onto her. She slowly massaged Lily’s mound and smooth-as-silk flower petals until the woman moaned with desire.

Without saying a word, Rachel spread Lily’s lips and dipped her tongue teasingly down. Starting at the bottom of her slit, she worked her way up to Lily’s  swelling clit and then teased it out of its hiding place. As her clit became aroused Lily felt a surge of wetness between her legs. She tried to hold back but it was impossible. She was gripped by the fiery passion that washed over her. Her skin, her lips, her clit conspired to hold her enchanted. 

The heat she felt deep within was spreading rapidly, first to her legs, then to her feet, then to her arms. In a moment, she was engulfed by a wildfire that ravaged her and made her lust for more. 

The first wave made her feel so dreamy. The second surge left her reeling, as if the heat that ran the full length of her body was an uncontrolled chain reaction. Her clit roiled as Rachel ran her tongue up and down the full length of her hairless slit. Her legs tensed as she went higher and higher. 

Lily shuddered as she reached the first peak. But Rachel didn’t stop. Her hot tongue circled and toyed, licked and separated Lily’s lips once again. As Lily felt her passion mount, Rachel slid a finger in deep and pushed up from within. 

It was too much. Lily convulsed as the waves washed over her. Up and up, the waves took her completely and she surrendered to the sensations. The flow between Lily’s legs turned into a torrent. Lily gripped the side of the hot tub and, for a moment, thought she was going to burst from the intense feelings that were welling up inside her. 

When the initial intensity ebbed, Lily opened her eyes and smiled. “Oh Rachel,” Lily exclaimed, “I’ve never come so hard before in my whole life.” 

Rachel just smiled but Mel was mesmerised by Lily’s new look. “So” Mel said after tearing her eyes off Lily’s slick sex. “looks like Rachel just sent you to the moon.” 

Lily laughed and nodded her head. “Wanna try for Venus?” Mel asked with a lusty look in her eye.

The sumptuous sensation of warm water washing over smooth, flushed skin is perhaps the most erotic, especially after a particularly intense and thrilling orgasm. So restful, so calming, and yet Lily’s body tingled with anticipation.

Lily felt so energised and vibrant as her body floated blissfully on the tumbling waters of the hot tub. Rachel was stretched out beside her. Lily looked over and felt a closeness she’d never experienced before. Everything was relaxed, so easy. Lily felt electrifyingly alive, as if her new-found sensitivity jolted her at every turn. She ran her hands down her freshly shaved mound and toyed for an instant at the top of her clit. As an electricity shot from her fingertips, Lily pulled back and let her fingers cup the kid-glove soft, inner folds of her most private parts.

Unexpectedly Mel got out of the spa and briskly went to the kitchen. There was a faint sound of rustling in a handbag and then the sound of running water from the kitchen.  

Rachel sat up in the tub with a smile. “Oh” she said. “I know what she’s looking for...” she said coyly. 

Mel came striding back into the spa triumphantly with her dressing gown open to reveal a cute, neatly trimmed pussy as she walked. “Get ready for something special” she played as she produced a small vibrating egg and remote control from behind her back.

The device was smooth, with a little rubber loop attached at one end. Mel pressed her thumb to one end and the device shuddered as it vibrated and came to life. 

“I use this in the office when I’m horny and stuck at my desk” she confessed. Rachel rolled her eye’s jovially. “You’re always horny” she joked. 

Lily looked on enthralled as Mel slipped back into the water and slid up next to her. “Stand up a moment so I can put it in you” she directed as Lily obliged and presented herself to Mel. 

The device fit perfectly into Lily’s tender and smooth little pussy, hardly noticeable as Mel massaged it inside her. 

“Come, sit in the water” Mel said as both she and Rachel took up a position either side. 

Lily wasn’t ready as the device fired into life and started to send pulses through her body. The waves of energy in her tender pussy were set to the perfect rhythm and she started to let out soft moans. The other two women, with an adept touch began to run their hands over her wet body and support her in all of the right places. 

Mel leaned in and began to suckle at Lily’s earlobe while Rachel cupped and stroked her breasts, deliberately focusing on her nipples. It was as if they knew the exact rhythm of the toy as they pleasured Lily to ecstasy in the warm water. 

Her orgasm was intense. It started at the lips of her opening and the hot wave flowed in all directions down to her knees and up to her belly. The pressure made her shudder and buck as the women held her down in the hot water. She let go entirely and the toy popped out from the intense pressure of the contractions. It floated to the top of the spa and buoyed in the water, still vibrating. 

“My turn!” Mel proclaimed enthusiastically with a smile.


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