Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have a membership to read content on Illicitjournal?

A: No, all content is available without registering. Registration is only needed if you would like to become an author and write stories yourself.

Q: Are there any costs associated with being an author?

A: No, signing up as an author is free. Infact, as an author you can use Illicitjournal to publicise your work and writing which could mean you make money. If you have published on Amazon or similar platforms you can use Illicitjournal to help promote that work alongside your writing here.

Q: Does Illicitjournal have forums?

A: Illicitjournal does have forums dedicated to helping authors with their work. To gain access to the forums you must first have a number of your stories published on Illicitjournal. Please note, forums are dedicated to authoring and support, there are no other categories.

Q: How can I message other users directly?

A: Illicitjournal doesn’t facilitate member to member communications but allows authors to choose to share various contact details (for example Twitter handles) if they want.

Q: Who owns my work when I publish it?

A: All work published by an author belongs to them. If you terminate your account, your work is deleted from the site.

Q: Why can’t I upload my own images?

A: Images are a great way to add context to your story but there are a lot of rules around legal image use. To protect you from copyright claims, Illicitournal provides all of the images needed.

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: Deleting your account can be done by request to the admin. You should expect your account to be permanently deleted within a maximum of seven days of request.

Q: Do I have to turn on ratings and comments for my published stories?

A: Ratings are used to help visitors navigate content on Illicitjournal, but comments can be turned on or off at the Author's discretion.

Q: I have an idea or feature request for Illicitjournal, how do I submit it?

A: Illicitjournal puts Author’s first and welcomes suggestions for improvements. There is a dedicated forum for this purpose.

Q: I enjoy writing but I’m not particularly tech savvy, how can I take advantage of the authoring tools?

A: The illicitjournal Blog is full of information and up to date instruction guides on how to publish a story, set up social media accounts and publish on Amazon. You’ll also find the forums a helpful and inclusive community for support.