The Visitor

Based on a true story

Rob glanced a look at Tinder on his phone as he sat at the the bar. It was coming to the end of a classic Australian summer but the mood was upbeat and it was still warm. They were in the outdoor area of a pub in the city and loud music played as Nate returned with a couple of cold pints and sat down.

They’d been drinking for more than an hour after a slow Friday at work. A strong 9% beer. Rob was lightheaded and planned to leave after this last round. He swiped on Sarah, keeping his phone out of view of Nate who started talking about taking his kids out on the weekend or something. 

The phone pinged and the match came up.

Tinder was easy for Rob. He had a profile interesting enough that it could start a conversation and wrote introduction messages that usually got a reply. He was also a Tinder veteran and had deduced that Sarah wasn’t looking for her soulmate by her vague bio and slightly obscured pictures. 

She messaged him first, which was always a good sign. They started chatting and getting the logistics out of the way - establishing geography and availability. He periodically put the phone down to talk with Nate about the week's activities, the beer or patrons at the bar. 

“RIght I’m out of here,” he said to Nate as they emptied their glasses and parted ways for the weekend.

Quite drunk he crossed the street and waited for a bus, messaging Sarah as he went. 

The subject turned to sex and they started flirting, talking about turn ons and what they both liked. He told her about a handful of kinky sex toys he’d bought recently, she confessed she liked havng her asshole fingered as a man went down on her. You know, typical Tinder stuff.

What’s your biggest fantasy? Her message asked. 

Well… he replied, woozy from the strong beer and the rocking of the bus as it took him home. I’ve always wanted to have a complete stranger come around and fuck me. Like, someone who I’ve never talked to or met before. I imagine leaving the door unlocked, falling asleep in bed and she just lets herself in and we do it without knowing anything about each other. It would be feral, and uninhibited. 

He hit send. She’d been replying quickly to previous messages but was now silent. He assumed it probably sounded too much like a poor pick up line and that he’d turned her off. 

He looked out the window of the bus, hoping to be home soon as the drinking was starting to kick in. He put his phone away and started to plan out his weekend while watching cars pass. 

Almost at his stop and now quite drunk he checked his phone out of habit. There was a message. 

What's your address? 

He couldn’t help it. He typed a reply. 99 Adams Street, Balmain. Unit 19

She replied immediately. I’m going to have a shower. Try to be asleep when I get there in an hour. 

He lurched off the bus and started making his way home as fast as he could, messaging his friend Chris on Whatsapp. My phone and all my important stuff is in the mailbox. 19 99 Adams Street Balmain. If I die, this is a picture of the woman that killed me. 

Arriving home he put his phone, wallet and an expensive watch in the mailbox, quickly moved some things off the floor of his apartment, closed the blinds, unlocked the door then stripped down into bed naked. 

It was still only early but the beer hit him fully. He closed his eyes…


It was dark under the covers. There was a sound. Heels. Heels on the slat wooden floor of his apartment. 

He braced. He’d actually fallen asleep. It was happening, the stranger was with him. His mind was racing. It was one of those moments in life where every thought manages to happen at the same time. Don’t open your eyes, the tradeoff of being bludgeoned to death by an unhinged catfish is that the fantasy will be even more amazing if it comes true. If you’re about to get killed you won’t want to see it anyway and if you’re about to have sex with someone you’ve never even laid eyes on them make the most of it. 

He could feel her watching him. The fact that he hadn’t been attacked immediately gave him some confidence he was possibly safe. Thoughts of what was about to happen started to kick in. 

She lifted the covers and he felt her getting into the bed about half way down. The stranger reached in and put a hand on his hips and moved her face close to his cock. He got hard immediately and she started to generously suck and stroke him with her spare hand. It was already insane, her lips and tongue felt incredible but the fact that she was helping him live out one of his biggest fantasies made it even more intense. 

He reached down and put his hands in her hair and on her body. She was sweating, probably just as nervous as he had been a few moments ago, but now they had established a connection and started to grab at each other as the frenzy kicked in. He thrust his hips in sync with her rhythm and started to pull and tug on her. He moaned and began breathing heavily. Pulling and encouraging her up the bed so he was able to put his hands on more and more of her body. 

As she slid up beside him he put a hand on the side of her face, feeling her cheeks and then through her hair. Next her shoulders and then to her breasts which were large and nice to hold. 

He still hadn’t opened his eyes the whole time and now they were face to face they started to kiss. She was warm and tasted like cinnamon lip gloss as they embraced fervently and began to pulse against each other. He slid his hands between her thighs and she parted her legs slightly so he could have easier access. Her slit was dripping wet and she was primed to fuck. As he rubbed the syrupy lips of her pussy and firm, pearl like clit she leaned into him and let the strangers hands dance on her in a way that made her shiver. He slid one and then two fingers inside her and she bucked. 

They were both ready to go and and the animal fucking started. He pushed her onto her back and mounted her, pushing his cock into her the entire way. Her hot snatch accepted it greedily and he pushed his body hard against her to force himself as deep inside as he could. With one hand clutching a handful of hair on her forehead and the other behind her neck he pushed against her and pressed his groin into her clit, forcing the last length of his cock into her. They started to heave against each other and writhed in pleasure, two completely foreign bodies joined together for the first time experiencing a new type of uninhibited, unrestrained sexual ecstasy.

He opened his eyes and could make out the shape of her face in the darkness, she had a pretty, round face and bright eyes. They were transfixed onto his for just a moment and the brief connection set them both off even more as they started to grab at each other and fuck more rigously. 

She slipped out from under him and got on her knees.

No words were needed and he stuffed his cock into her and started thrusting, sliding his hands over her body. He gently spanked her then clutched her. 

She spoke. The first words between two strangers…

“Harder!” she demanded. 

He slapped her ass again with an open palm, the slap echoed in the room and she moaned loudly. 

Motivated, he spoke his first words…

“Lets see how kinky you really are!” 

He leaned on her and reached across into a drawer by the bed, producing one of the recently purchased sex toys - a bullet vibrator with a remote control. The device was slightly smaller than a golf ball with a rubber cord attached on one end to allow it to be handled easier. It vibrated when turned on and he set it to maximum before pushing it into her and following it up with his cock. 

The pleasure was intense for both of them. She was filled up entirely and every thrust into her. He could feel her hot wetness wrapped around his cock as well as the throbbing in her pussy from the toy.  He felt the orgasm coming on and began to push deeper and harder into her. His cock bulged and pulsed as he grabbed at her, no warning was needed and she bucked again waiting for the feeling of his cock exploding in her. 

The orgasm was huge. His cock pumped thick jets of hot cum as he held her down and she wailed, burying her face into the pillow. 

He was spent but she was still primed and before he could pull out she deftly slipped a hand between her legs and started vigorously rubbing her clit and the lips of her pussy. With his cum soaked cock and the vibrator still in her they could both feel her orgasm pulse and push both of their cum out of her and down her slit, a thick string of spunk spilling out and slipping off her clit and between her fingers.

It was done. 

They’d fucked each other to ecstasy and now, just as she’d arrived she prepared to leave. 

She pulled the still vibrating toy out of herself and smeared a wet hand across his chest as she rolled him off her into the sheets, kissing his forehead before collecting her clothes from the floor. 

He watched her slide her jeans up over her freshly fucked snatch and slip on a shirt and jacket before turning to look at him with a sultry smile and seeing herself out...


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