A story in six words or less

The most well known example of a six word story is often mis-attributed to Hemmingway. The set up is a bet with him in a bar that he can't write a story in six words or less, to which he wins the bet by taking a pen and scribbling on a napkin "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

I am no Hemmingway, but here are my attempts:

He held her; but remembered him.

He’d broken her. She smiled deviantly.

Finally. She knew a woman's touch.

She throbbed. Wishing he hadn’t waited.

Her swelling abated, pleasure set in.

She put on her underwear. Satisfied.

Lust for him returned. Like always.

He did pull out. Didn't he?

Again? With her it was easy.

She craved him. Again. Tonight. Now.

He kept going. She didn’t resist.

She cast aside her guilt. Willingly.  

They collapsed. The sheets were ruined.

She glistened with sweat, disappointed again.

She’d come this far, for him.

They slipped away, hoping no-one noticed.

She felt filthy. It was wonderful.

She only stopped to replace batteries

The three men fit together perfectly

That particular paddle was her favourite.


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Anonymous (not verified) , Tue, 07/13/2021 - 07:26
Nom's not Hemingway, but they impressed!