Authoring features and functions


Post here questions, requests and feedback for the author experience. This could include features in the editor such as spellcheck, autosave etc. 

We know some authors like to publish whole chapters at a time for their readers. This is doable in the editor at the moment and the user experience is "okay" - particularly on mobile but it can still look a bit weird and can be hard for a reader to get back to a part of a chapter if they have to leave the site and come back. Seeking feedback: Do you think a "Page Break" feature is useful? You may need to manually add the break yourself using a button in the editor, but each "Page Break" would split the story into new page.

Note that we're exploring developing a very unique bookmark feature for anonymous readers, but it might be a way off. 

As an alternative to the Page Break is to publish the whole story as an amazon ebook and direct your readership to this via your profile - and use alternative published work as a way to entice them to buy rather than give whole books away for free.

Welcome your opinions / suggestions / feedback :)

I think this would be very helpful.

I think it would be helpful to have additional options for social media links, particularly for an author's Goodreads profile and Facebook.  An "Other" slot could help, too.

I would also really appreciate a place to list the author's own website.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts!

V2 released 

Major Features

  • Member levels including ability to customise profile with Twitter, Patreon, Smashwords, Amazon, Etsy, Fiverr and own URL
  • Autosave work in editor
  • Find / replace function in editor
  • Publish story from mobile
  • Twitter cards on stories
  • Automatic publish to Twitter on live publish
  • New images added to gallery
  • JSON Added
  • Login with email OR account name added
  • Simple registration workflow added
  • Moderator, Editor roles added
Anonymous (not verified), Thu, 09/02/2021 - 15:02

Literotica automatically has a page break at roughly 3,750 words.

Lush stories has the entire story on one page but limits each story to 10K words. 

Stories online has a feature to let readers know if a chapter story is finished. It is very annoying to read five or six chapters of a story to find out the last chapter was uploaded 8 years ago, and it was never finished. 

TBH I prefer Lit's pages. This way if I want to post a novel-length story I can do it all at once or by chapters. 

Both Lit and Lush have an author page that lists all the stories by that author listed in ABC order and groups chapters together. 


Hi Sal De Klerk - thanks very much for the feedback. We have a feature function in the pipeline to improve the way large stories are digested by a reader :)

Regarding the multi-part story content, this is a topic we're keen to get more feedback from the community on. In our early stages we're still shaping up the way we're planning on handling this as we know that a lot of writers enjoy publishing whole works online, but to your point there's plenty of examples out there where a writer has started but not finished a story and left their readers hanging. We'll update you personally when we publish our initial thoughts on the topic in our blog :)

Really appreciate the helpful feedback - thanks!

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