Your writing is for sharing!

An important principal of illicitjournal is our “Author's First” approach. That’s our self imposed policy and it means that everything that gets built or added to the site must benefit the authors of the content first; and the site owners second. 

Unlike a lot of erotica websites, we don’t want you, the author, to be the product by giving us content for no gain to yourself. Instead, we want you to promote your content and use our platform to do it.

One of the very first things we identified as a need from our early adopters was the ability to easily share their stories. It was so important to us that we actually had to rebuild half the site over. 

How sharing works on Illicitjournal

First, we use human readable URLs ( vs for instance) and this makes it easy for a visitor to logically move around the site. It also adds a small bump to your search ranking in google. 

Google indexing by the way is continually tuned and tweaked on illicitjournal.

We use Graph GL. All you really need to know about this is that it converts your big story header image to a nice little promo picture when you share on social media. RIght now the site focuses on Twitter (and Reddit) for sharing. (The links probably work on LinkedIn and Facebook too, but we don’t want our boss or our mother to see the type of naughty content we write.) 

To take advantage of this, you just need to copy the full link and drop in onto the platform

twitter share example

Graph GL also does the same on whatsapp, Signal and Snap so if you want to send your story, simply put the full url ( into the chat and hit send. 

signal example

Note that forwarding messages can remove images and sometimes you need to use lowercase h(ttps)

So why rebuild the site because of this?

As an author, you really need every advantage you can get to stand out online and nothing stands out better against the noise of the internet than a slick looking, perfectly formatted picture and brief synopsis. You put a lot of effort into your work and our job is to make it look amazing. 

Sharing your whole profile

Of course if you’d rather just share your whole profile with all your stories in one place then you can do that too. Simply share The site will use a default image which periodically changes. SHaring your profile is great because you can post all of your work in one place with just one link. 

We’ll do it for you too

Every time a new story is published, it gets tweeted by our account automatically. We can’t include an @mention because of Twitter's rules, but we do link to your author profile from your story.