August Editorial

The last few weeks have been pretty tough.

Most of the IllicitJournal team are based in Australia and if you haven’t heard yet, there’s a lockdown going on here that’s impacting people pretty hard. The mood at times has been pretty low and we’re not ashamed to admit it’s held back some of the progress we were hoping to make. 

But the coming together of IllicitJournal members, as well as the desire to make the site the number one place for erotica authors has also seen some of the best site content and improvements to date. 

The first big piece of news is that the sister site IllcitLibrary has launched. The library is designed to help authors advertise their books directly on illicitjournal and direct links to their Amazon author pages. There are a lot of enhancements planned for this site in time and the two will gradually merge more and more, but for now if you’re looking for some great ebook content to read, take a look.

One of the authors who inspired this site - Jessica Ackles also did our first author Interview and shared some great insight into authoring and publishing online. We published the interview in our blog and you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in learning the craft or just looking for some ideas and inspiration. Jessica Ackles has already published a number of great stories on illictjournal and has books featured in Illicitlibrary. This is the first of many author interviews we’re planning to do - if you’re an established author and a site member then reach out to us on twitter to learn how you too can share your insight with the community and gain some exposure for your brand. 

On the subject of brand, we’re really excited to announce the promotion of Established Author status to The Harsh Writer. As a member, the more content you publish the more site functionality you can unlock. To get to this level you have to publish ten stories on the site, so it was a big undertaking and represents a lot of great writing - we’re grateful for all the amazing content. The harsh writer also contributed a lot of feedback for site improvements and we loved them all and tried to implement as many as possible, including the simple but elegant feature to let you log in with either a username or an email address depending what you prefer.

The harsh writer has a wealth of content on their own site - follow them on twitter for more content too. 

Finally, we want to send a big thanks out to Max Brackin who has submitted several fantastic stories to the site. These are exemplary works and summarised best by our most treasured tweet ever:

It’s been tough going but we’re reinvigorated by the contributions of our community and the great content they’re producing. If you’re in lock down too and struggling, writing can be a great avenue to relieve stress and find a new favourite pastime. Sign up to the site today for ideas and access to great authoring and sharing tools. We meanwhile will push ahead with new feature functions and site improvements to help you.

Thanks team and keep writing!