June Editorial

The minute that its first contributor published a story on Illicitjournal we realised that the site wasn’t good enough.

Our test author was very active on social media and a real pro. She has to be - writing and publishing erotica is her profession. But when we saw that she needed to awkwardly add a screenshot of the story image to her share on Twitter we knew immediately needed to make a lot of changes. 

Illicitjournal set out to be the best place to read erotica online, but on its first day it had failed its most important people - its authors who contribute their content and efforts and who don’t have time uploading pictures to tweets when they could be editing their stories or working on new ideas.

So we made a commitment to being the best place for serious writers and went back to the drawing board. Months later, dozens of new features and functions have been added, with more than 12 months of additional work and development planned and designed already. 

Writing is a beautiful and accessible pastime. At a time when the world needs new hobbies, art, ideas and ways to make money the Illicitjournal team wants to enable everyone. We’re really excited about what's here today and what's coming up. The site is officially relaunched with the all important Twitter cards, but also the same for Snap, Whatsapp and Reddit; as well as more author tools to help you write either at your desk or or on the move on your phone, all from your editor dashboard. 

If you're publishing on Amazon or Smashwords, then you'll be interested in our new promotional sub-site coming out soon and definitely on our member levels that reward you for your efforts and contributions.

What we're most excited about though is the future. Illicitjournal isn't a unsophisticated website that relies on its authors submitting email manuscripts, or a basic blog site where lists of stories go to get lost after a few days, its decoupled content with big ambitions to serve your stories and promote your writing profiles across a plethora of medium, domains and devices.

Join us as we grow our community of wickedly talented authors and artists and make illicitjournal the place where the best writers and authors create the sexiest adult literature

Check back often for news, updates and of course new stories