Illicitjournal publishing guidelines

Author Guidelines

Writing is a very subjective subject and Illicitjournal doesn’t want to have to mandate what or how you write, but as a member of you agree that you are a consenting adult and will be held responsible for your actions while using

Use your best judgement as an adult when publishing material. Be aware, you are entirely responsible at all times for the work published under your username / account.

As general guidelines, the following is encouraged:

  • Content of around 4000-6000 words
  • Graphic content depicting sex acts and the emotional and mental connection to them
  • Content with a beginning, middle and end
  • Characters with a motivation / an underlying non-sexual theme to the story
  • Edited and formatted work with minimal spelling or grammatical faults
  • An emphasis on the organic and haptic nature of sex
  • Sex acts and scenarios that promote inclusivity an gender neutral situations
  • Creativity

The following is discouraged: is made for Authors and creatives who wish to promote and share larger bodies of work (for example published Amazon books). Posting whole book chapters top and tail-ended with a small amount of promotion or publicity are acceptable, but note that sharing URLs, contact details or instructions in any story will result in an automatic fail of publishing standards - As a commercial writer your profile at the “Established Author” level is designed to do this for you and in time will provide you with additional features, functionality and statistics that outweigh non story content on your IllicitJournal content.

Contact details: Its our experience also that people won't invest a lot of time trying to decipher URLs or copy twitter handles. Posting your email address also exposes you to the risk of automated spam emailing systems that we actively block, but cant guarantee to stop every time. Please enable the contact form setting under your profile settings if you want to be emailed by members rather than asking for feedback on your story content.

Disclaimers, commentary and non story related notes: Our preference is that you only post story content. This provides your readers with the best experience and improves how visitors who are vision impaired or who use a screen reader for narration will engage your story content.

As a member you are covered by our terms and conditions and we are actively implementing functions to protect against copy protection. It is our experience that telling people not to copy your work only propagates the idea and detracts from the reader experience. 

Stories will be approved by moderation before being published - Stories that feature the following won’t pass moderation 

  • Sexual interaction with characters under the age of consent (under 18 years old or implied)
  • Scat, non-consensual rape scenarios, or stories featuring sex with animals (excluding fantasy scenarios, fictional characters or “Furry” & “Yiff” etc)
  • ASCII art will also be stripped

Stories featuring the following will be subject to significant moderator scrutiny

  • Incestuous relationships - Although popular in Internet Erotic literature, this isn’t a subject that Illicitjournal is particularly interested in promoting and will likely fail moderation
  • In the absence of any historical or period correct setting to provide context in to a story, depictions of discrimination, hate speech or racism or any activities that may be considered offensive to the status quo erotica reader will be subject to more strict publishing standards and review also

Erotica can be extremely satisfying to write and gives an author an opportunity to create worlds, characters and scenarios that wrap up a concise narrative in a short story; the more graphic the better. targets readers who want the highest quality content from thoughtful and exciting writers, with a focus on quality not quantity.

Breach of these stipulations may result in your account and content being deleted. Please feel free to reach out to us on twitter or use the contact form to reach our moderators if you have any questions.