Readers of illicitjournal don’t want to “F*ck local sluts”. 

Our promise to you is to never show tasteless or confrontational adverts on Illicitjournal. 

Illicitjournal was made to provide audiences with tasteful erotica, to enable some of the best writers in the world to share their art and to make pornography inclusive, approachable and fun. 

As a general rule, Illicitjournal won’t display ads for porn sites unless they uphold similar principals as our own. Hook-up sites and apps will need to meet a certain quality criteria also. 

Unfortunately this policy makes it harder to find advertisers. Mainstream ad-serving networks categorise illicitjournal as the same type of site serving up unfiltered hardcore videos and because of this we miss out on being able to serve relevant material to our readership. 

The good news though is that we can tailor and support advertising for brands that realise tasteful adult literature is a lucrative category to be seen in. 

Illicitjournal wants to make sex sexy for advertisers who know there is a market for their products and services. Our ideal markets are fashion, fitness, sexuality enablement (Sexual wellbeing and sexual workshops), writing seminars & courses or exotic and exclusive travel and destination opportunities. 

If you are an advertiser and believe our brands have good synergy then please reach out for a confidential discussion.